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All Natural Coconut Soap Bar: Rose

All Natural Coconut Soap Bar: Rose

105 g
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All Natural Coconut Soap Bar with Rose Essential Oil

Our all natural handmade coconut soap bar is made from 3 natural and essential ingredients only:

  1. 100% food grade coconut oil
  2. water, and
  3. lye

100% natural and pure, this soap does not contain preservatives, coloring agents, fragrances or any other chemicals or synthetic additives commonly found in commercial soaps.

Unlike most soaps on the market, which are usually made with low grade processed oils and fats (as a byproduct of other industries), our all natural high quality soap is made from 100% food grade coconut oil.

Carefully crafted in small batches our high quality soap retains glycerin, a natural moisturizer that nourishes and hydrates your skin, promoting its strength and health. Gentle and non-irritating it is great for dry, sensitive and dermatitis prone skin. Suitable for daily hand and body wash for children and adults.

An added bonus: this is a hard bar soap, that stays solid till the very end, without turning your soap holder into a soapy mess.

Buy our all natural coconut soap for your family and friends. Beautifully wrapped it makes an eye-catching and practical gift. 

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