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Where do your organic products come from?

We source our organic products from Germany.

What is Bio?

The term "Bio," short for "Biologisch" in German, is used to denote organic products. It signifies that the product has been produced using organic farming methods, which emphasize environmentally sustainable and natural agricultural practices, such as avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, promoting soil health, and often adhering to strict certification standards. In essence, "Bio" indicates that the product is grown or produced in a manner that is better for both human health and the environment.

Why do you import products from Germany?

Germany, as one of the leading countries in the organic industry, it has a strong tradition of organic agriculture and a well-established certification system, which contributes to the higher standards in Bio organic certification and a robust enforcement. 

Are all of your organic products Bio certified? 

Yes. Our food products are organic bio-certified. Our household and personal care items are made with natural ingredients only.

How is Bio certification from Germany different from Organic? 

German "Bio" certification is often considered to adhere to high certification standards compared to some other organic certifications because it follows the stringent organic farming regulations set by the European Union (EU). These EU organic standards provide a comprehensive framework that includes strict requirements for organic farming practices, such as the prohibition of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, restrictions on GMOs, and guidelines for animal welfare.

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